ECCS is a full scale of E-commerce system which provide from A-Z solutions. It consists of E-commerce Cart System, E-commerce Integration System and Warehouse System. ECCS could manage inventory and sales orders accorss all marketplaces and offline stores in a singple platform.
''One-Stop-Solution for E-commerce and able to sync with all marketplaces. ECCS is an ideal tool in growing your business from offline to online''

Key Features

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Optimise Synchronization in All Marketplaces

ECCS could simultaneously performing no-delay data synchronization across all marketplaces for inventory, sales order, and products' data. All data updates or data checking could be managed in a single platform.

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Optimise Inventory Management

With our sofisticated Warehouse system in ECCS, you could able to manage real-time stock count in a singple platform. If there are few warehouses located in different locations, ECCS able to detect and identify closest warehouse in delivery.

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CRM-Data Analysis

Real-time analysis report could provide a prediction in inventory management. Moreover, ECCS could compile all data across all marketplaces and generate better insights through customer purchase behaviour.  With integrated data, you could out more about your target market needs and demands.


What ECCS could do?

   1. You can manage your store in multiple sales channels through one platform.

  ​2. ECCS integrates all sales channels, offline or online, including marketplaces. When you update your product data, the data in all sales channels will automatically be updated with just a click. Time-saving in updating your products' data in all sales channels.

  3. All order transactions are interagted. As a results, you don't need to bother checking orders in each marketplace because all orders from all connected sales channels will be flowed into ECCS.

  4. Inventory data in all sales channels are integrated. Any sales transactions trigger an update in inventory data, will auto reflect the same in ECCS dashboard to have optimisation control in stock count to avoid oversell or undersell issue.


Our Client's Testimonial


Digital transformation (DX) is indispensable in our home appliance industry, and we recognize the needs and be prepared across all sales channels from digital to analog such as shops to e-commerce. e-Agency offers a wide range of consultations, including digital works such as inventory management, e-commerce management, and DX actions such as Sales support applications to optimize analog to digital works.

Mr Tsuru-Toshiba Visual Media Indonesia,Director

Our working experience with e-Agency is quite long, as it started from mid '90s when I was working with consumer electric products. Because omnichannel is a new experience for us, I choose e-Agency because they understand conventional advertising (marketing) for digital marketing such as CRM, e-commerce, to sales support applications. I fully recommended e-Agency to everyone facing this paradigm shift!

Mr Kwok Damien - Story-i : UBTech Indonesia

The retail business is very different from B2B. Since we decided to also enter the retail business last year, e-Agency has played an important role in the development of our retail business, therefore this year our sales have increased by 120%. Not only that, we can easily analyze consumer desires and trends regarding the blinds of all channels, be it consumers who come to the experience center, to the marketplace, or to the official website.

Mr Yoshio - Univers, President Director

Developing a business in Indonesia is a big challenge, especially with its unique consumer behavior. But e-Agency really helps us to be abled to quickly reach all consumers through all channels, online and offline. And e-Agency's digital strategist team was very helpful so that we were able to increase our sales 370% in these 2 years.

Mr Hagihara - Hagihara, President Director

You still have questions?
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Come check on our Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I sign up ECCS?

Please click here to register yourselves. Our consultant will attend your inquiry shortly after your registration.

Is there any setup fees?

No. There is no hidden setup fee.

Do I have to install anything?

No installation is required. You just need to login into our system.

How do I setup my store with ECCS?

It is very easy to setup your store with our tool.

Step#1 : Fill in Application Form by click in here.

Step#2 : Payment Verification. Our team will verify your subscription payment by sending us your payment receipt to us.

Step#3 : Set Up Account. Our team will guide you via the whole process of account setup. Default payment method is Paypal after setup your store. If require other payment methods, you are require to inform our team.

Step#4 : Start Your Business. You can start your business by login into account to check your orders.

I don't have technical backgrounds or I don't know any coding, would it be hard to use?

No coding is required. We have a sppecial team to guide you through the whole process including providing training to guide you how to use our system. 

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