What is Canal Cart?

Canal Cart is an E-commerce Cart System. 
Our shopping cart system helps in expanding your business from offline to online. It is a concept of O2O.
''Sell anywhere at anytime from offline to online ''

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Step 1: Sign up

Sign up and setup your online store. No programming skills required.

If you don't have a website, no worries. We could provide website development solutions  in which special-cater to suit your business.


Step 2: Add products

Add your products in our cart system and upload attractive products' photo, price and description.  You could link it with your offline store for inventory.


Step 3: Start selling

Setup payment gateways and your fulfillment. Start selling.

We could help to strive your business in expanding your sales in offline and online channels

Real Time Dashboard

Canal Cart provides real time data in sale orders data, offline inventory data and online inventory data. Offline inventory data is auto synced with offline inventory data and you could monitor in single platform. Detailed sales information is tabulated with download function.

Easy Manage

Control everything from a single platform with centralised inventory, order management, price and more. You can easily check your orders through mobile phone with a click into our Canal Cart system.

No Installation

No hassle to implement and user the tools. Full support will be given from us through out your operations.

Data Synchronization

Canal Cart automatically synced offline store and online store with all inventory data, product data, customer data and sales order data. Better management could be easily done with just a click at anywhere.

Maximizes your sales opportunities with more options of payment gateway. Our Canal Cart able to pick up various payment methods.

Payment available are ATM, credit card, mobile payment application and web transfer.

You can choose from a variety of payment methods that suit the local conditions such as payment at convenience stores (OTC payment).



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  • Number of SKUs: 10 (Inventory)
  • Number of Orders/month : 10
  • Number of Access Control: 1
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  • Number of SKUs : 200 (Inventory)
  • Number of Orders/month : 50
  • Number of Access control : 2
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  • Number of SKUs : 500 (Inventory)
  • Number of Orders/month : 100
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Please click here to register yourselves. Our consultant will attend your inquiry shortly after your registration.

Is there a setup fee?

No. There is no hidden setup fee in our plans.

Do I have to install anything?

No installation is required. Just login into our system to check your orders.

How do I setup my store with Canal Cart?

It is very easy to setup your store with our tool.

Step#1 : Fill in Application Form by click in here.

Step#2 : Payment Verification. Our team will verify your subscription payment by sending us your payment receipt to us.

Step#3 : Set Up Account. Our team will guide you via the whole process of account setup. Default payment method is Paypal after setup your store. If require other payment methods, you are require to inform our team.

Step#4 : Start Your Business. You can start your business by login into account to check your orders.

I don't have technical backgrounds or I don't know any coding, would it be hard to use?

No coding is required. We have a sppecial team to guide you through the whole process including providing training to guide you how to use our system. 

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